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Key benefits of e-commerce over retail business

Key benefits of e-commerce over retail business

sachin     25 Feb 2018     e-commerce      NA     

There is no doubt that customer’s today fancy e-commerce over traditional retail shopping.  In today’s times, e-commerce websites have become very much popular and the whole world is the proof of it! Search engines, new websites and social media are packed with advertisements of e-commerce websites.

If you are operating a business in today’s era, where changes are constantly happening you do not know which bandwagon to hop on or which one could be quite a precarious deal. Even though traditional commerce has its own set of advantages, thousands of businesses rely on e-commerce to make a profit as it decreases the investment and also increases the convenience to its customers. As customers make use of the internet on a daily basis, e-commerce helps customers to make purchases only a few clicks away. By starting an e-commerce website, you can easily expand your business from local to global.

Here are a few advantages of e-commerce over traditional retail:

A triumph over geographical limitations

In traditional retail, you can only do business in the place where you have set up your physical store. But this is not the case when it comes to the e-commerce website. The whole world can be used as a playground for your business if you have planned tactically. An individual, residing in one corner of the world can easily order a particular item, from another corner of the world with just a few clicks.

An effortless way to gain customers by means of search engine visibility

The traditional retail stores rely typically on branding and relations in order to drive more customers to their store but e-commerce, on the other hand, derives most of its traffic from search engines. More than 30% of the e-commerce traffic usually comes from organic searches on the search engines. But this traffic is only the traffic that comes from organic searches; there is also a lot of traffic that comes from advertisements and social media which is the tipping point for many of the e-commerce businesses.

Lower investment/cost

One of the greatest reasons to open up an e-commerce website is because it does not require as much as the investment as compared to a physical retail store. Some of the best ways to lower your investment are by choosing an excellent marketing strategy for your e-commerce website such as organic search, social media traffic, pay per click etc. In addition to this, the number of employees and the properties that are required to get a business running is comparatively less, to that of a physical retail store.

Customers can locate the product easily

Customers no longer need to push around a shopping cart to the correct aisle or scout for a particular product they want. On an e-commerce website, a customer can simply click through the intuitive navigation or simply use a search box in order to narrow down their product search immediately. Some e-commerce website, memorize their customer preferences as well as shopping lists in order to facilitate repeat purchases.

Eliminates travel cost and time

At times customers have to travel long distances in order to reach out to their preferred retail store. But since the arrival of e-commerce, customers can visit the same store virtually with just a few mouse clicks.

Offers comparison shopping

E-commerce offers comparison shopping. There are many online services that permit its customers to glance through several e-commerce merchants and find the best price that suits them.

Facilitates Coupons, Deals, Bargains and Group Buying

Even though there are many physical equivalents to coupons, deals, bargains and group buying online shopping makes it very much convenient. For example, let us say that a customer has a deep discount coupon for chicken at one physical retail store and toilet paper at another; he may find it quite unlikely to avail both discounts. But the customer could avail both these discounts online within a few clicks.

Facilitates Coupons, Deals, Bargains and Group Buying

Offer abundant information

There are certain restrictions on the amount of information that can be advertised in a physical retail store. It becomes difficult to educate employees to reply to customer queries that would require information on the product line. But e-commerce websites can provide this additional information very easily available to the customers. Most of this vital information is provided by the vendors and it does not cost anything to maintain or create it. 

Creates targeted communication

By using the data that a customer furnishes in the registration form and by inserting cookies on the customer’s computer an e-commerce merchant can get hold of a lot of information concerning its customers. This information can be used to communicate relevant messages. For instance, if you are looking out for a specific product on Amazon.com you will automatically be shown a list of similar products. Moreover, Amazon.com might also email you about the related products available.

Open 24/7/365

E-commerce websites are open all the time. From the merchant’s point of view, this increases the number of orders they receive from customers. And from the customer’s point of view, a store that is always open is more convenient.

Generate markets from niche products

 In the physical world, the buyers and sellers of niche products find it very difficult to locate each other. But online, only the customers need to search for the product in the search engine. For example, purchase of obsolete parts. So, instead of trashing out the old equipment out because of lack of spares, today the customer can simply locate the parts online without any intricacy.

Hence, it is very important for businesses, to launch their own e-commerce website in order to capture the growing market as customers are slowly shifting towards online shopping over traditional retail because of its convenience.

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