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Know why?

Know why? "Don’t buy and sell Dofollow links".

sachin     25 Mar 2018     search engine optimization      NA     

It is a well-known fact that link building is an important factor in order to attain the highest page ranking on SERP also known as search engine results page.In this article, we are going to learn why it is not wise to buy and sell do-follow links.


What is our backlinks exactly?

Before learning about backlinks, we should acknowledge the fact that the authenticity and quality of a backlink is the main factor if you want to succeed on the internet. Furthermore, without the correct back-linking, it is nearly unfeasible to attain the highest ranking on Google for a certain set of targeted keywords.

Let us comprehend the meaning of backlinks with an example. Let us say, when website ‘X’ attaches the hyperlink on its website, which is intended for website ‘Y’ then this is known as the backlink for website ‘Y’. In other words, we can say that ‘X’ is transferring traffic to ‘Y’.

Ever since, the Google Penguin Algorithm has been rolled out, backlinks have become a difficult task for most of the SEO professionals as they are not very sure on how to locate the correct website to do backlinks since earlier the links could be easily swapped from any web portal even if it was admissible or not irrespective of its quality and it was quite simple to attain number one ranking.

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Why is buying or selling a dofollow links not a good idea?

Frankly, Google does not like those websites that manipulate their ranking. Any links that plan to control the ranking of a particular site or Page Rank in Google search results could be considered as a breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

This could mean any action that controls links and that are directed to your site or any outgoing links too.

Here are a few examples of violations that could have a harmful impact on the ranking of your websites search results:

  • Selling or buying any links that bypass Page Rank. It consists of exchanging goods and services for links or exchanging money for links or posts that secretly contain links or sending a free product to someone in return for writing something about it that includes a link.
  • Unwarranted link exchanges or partner pages wholly for the purpose of cross-linking.
  • Guest posting campaigns or for that matter extensive article marketing with keyword rich anchor text links.
  • Making use of automatic services or programs in order to create links for your website.

Apart from this, inventing links, which were not assured or editorially placed by the owner of the website, also known as ‘unnatural links’ are also considered as violations of Google’s guidelines.

Here are a few examples of unnatural links that could violate Google’s guidelines:

  • Text adverts that bypass the Page Rank.
  • Native advertising or infomercials where the fee is already acquired for the articles that comprise of links that have already passed the Page Rank.
  • Links that consist of optimized anchor text in the press releases or articles that are circulated on other websites.
  • Inferior quality of bookmark or directory site links.
  • Hidden keywords or low-quality links that are entrenched in widgets that are circulated among several sites.
  • Extensively circulated links in the templates or footers of different sites.
  • Forum comments that are embedded with links in the signature or post.

Hence, one should not buy backlinks from any kind of seller who is providing backlinks in bulk at a very cheap rate or any other reason as it could penalize your website. Therefore, the best way to get other websites to generate superior quality, appropriate links just like yours is to formulate, significant and unique content that can gain popularity, naturally on the internet. Building a good content always pays off. Links are generally, editorial votes that are given by choice and if you have useful content then greater is the choice that someone will find this priceless content to their readers and link to it.

Here are some things that you should keep in check so that you do not spoil your reputation on Googl

Backlinks are crucial to your reputation

Just like a coin has two sides, backlinks can have a negative impact too. One does not need to incur a lot of costs to keep track of your links if you want to protect your reputation. All you need to do is, identify the links that pose a threat to your reputation so that you can get a warning alert when your website acquires links from other sites. Some of the backlinks that you need to get completely rid off, in order to save your reputation include those websites that do not belong to your niche and those that use foul language as well as adult or gambling websites.

Tricks and tips to avoid link based penalties?

Though backlinks can help you attain a better ranking it could also lead to penalties and vulnerability. One should make note that there are certain backlinks that will not help to get a good Google ranking. For example, Google’s Penguin algorithm checks to see, if websites that have a spam link structure which would lead to penalization. Hence, if you want to avoid this situation it is important that you check your spam links regularly. The reasons to check out your backlinks are not many if in case you have a tool to monitor your SEO profile. Therefore, one needs to spot out the bad ones and dispose of them.

Know ways to get your website get de-indexed

No one wants to get their website de-indexed! If your company is participating in any of the link building schemes, building up links that are of inferior quality or buying links, all this kind of vague stuff could get your website de-indexed along with a penalty. So better check where your backlinks are coming from.

Get notified of complaints and reviews.

One can determine whenever there is a review or complaints on your website by simply checking out your new backlinks. It does not matter if the review is negative or positive it is always better to know that everything is in order and understand the value of things that these links bring.

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