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Most important off page SEO techniques

Most important off page SEO techniques

meenakshi saini     30 Apr 2018     search engine optimization      NA     

What is SEO off page?

The SEO off page is the launch of a series of techniques focused on the achievement of external links that point to our website to improve your organic positioning in Google and other search engines.


SEO off page and Page Rank

The way in which the SEO off page manages to improve our organic positioning is to increase our score in Page Rank, which is one of the factors included in Google's formula or algorithm in order to determine the position that a website will finally obtain after searching the site's users.

The Page Rank takes into account various factors, including the number of visits, the quality of the content and also the quantity and quality of links that point to our website. And it is precisely in this last point where the SEO techniques off page come into play.


Off page SEO activities

There are several activities to get links to our page and, in this way, improve the Page Rank and the authority of our website:


Create a quality blog and update it with the best content 

This is, without doubt, the first and most important action, since if we do not have content with added value and frequently updated, we will not attract traffic and, much less, generate interest in the webs to link us.


Use content aggregators

Prestigious content platforms such as About.com can help us to distribute our articles, give them more visibility and prestige and get, little by little, links.


Take advantage of the power of Viralization in Social Networks

 Another off page SEO tips is to create communities on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Of course, it is important to use networks from a strategy, seeking the active participation of users, without it becoming a channel of spam that can be penalized by Google. The more you share, the more relevance your content will have. In addition, it is a good way to let you know and thus increase your chances of getting natural links. Remember that in the end, they are the most valuable for Google.

That's why it's good to share what you do on the networks. But beware, not in all the networks of the world or at all hours without rhyme or reason. You have to prepare a social media strategy taking into account which networks fit more with your business, where is your target audience. This way you will reach people interested in what you have to say more inclined to share.


Implement honest Link Building strategies

The idea is to ensure that the best blogs and websites, that is, those with the most authority, include links to our page. How to achieve it? Establishing relationships with the administrators of these pages (by email and even telephone or even personally) and convince them that we can mutually benefit by exchanging links or posts. The strategies of automatic generation of links with methods close to spam (what is known as a black hat) are increasingly being persecuted (and punished) by Google.

It is always good, to help the link building, to accompany it with a strategy of internal links. So, we distribute the "flow of SEO" that goes to our page. Choose the pages with the highest rankings of your website, more links, etc. and take the opportunity to put internal links to other pages (which make sense, of course). So, the "flow of SEO" that you get to the page linked by others, will be distributed a little between all your pages.


Creating Sharable content

In fact, all the effective activities of SEO off page are based on the creation of content with added value for users and that generate interest in other blogs and similar websites with authority in Google. From here, it is about taking maximum care of relationships and launching interesting collaborations for both parties.

In this way, little by little we will be generating more links and of higher quality, which will increase the page rank of our page, thus achieving in our favor a very important factor for positioning.


Social networks

At this point, it is already evident that Social Networks occupy an increasingly important place in online marketing. Although they do not directly influence the web positioning, it is known that Google relies on them to determine the author of the content and its authority on the issues it publishes.

We could say that now, in addition to the "traditional" page authority system, we have a new kind of authority: the "author authority".


Guest Blogging and Comments

According to different opinions, the contents that are shared on Facebook are one of the social signals that are most associated with helping to achieve a good positioning. Whereas Twitter is an excellent tool to connect with clients and launch viral marketing campaigns. And Google Plus is fully integrated into searches.

It is nothing new. Select blogs related to your sector and leave relevant and meaningful comments including a link to your page. Or, better yet, publish in blogs (again, related and meaningful) that allow collaborations from third parties. This is a technique that is getting more and more detractors. 



As you can see, SEO Off Page is an activity that takes up a lot of time and effort, and that is often worth delegating to a team of professionals, especially if you have a business with which you make a living. You can join with professional SEO services in India or all over the world.

In the end, the best thing for a good SEO strategy is to combine the On and the Off. It is useless to have many quality links to our page if it does not offer good content or is poorly organized. Think that if Google detects links to your page you will go to see it and if what you find does not like it, the only thing you will do is penalize yourself. Losing in less than a second all your efforts off is easier than it seems.

I will discuss more about SEO off Page and its various technologies in the next blog ...

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