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Transactional SMS

Notify the target audience at the right time with transaction SMS. Transactional messages are used to send OTPs, information transfer, any kind of booking and order alerts to your customers. We offer the best price to our customers in our segment. 


SMS Pack Price Per SMS Amount Discount 5% Our Price
5,000 Rs. 0.22 Rs. 1100 Rs. 55 Rs. 1045
10,000 Rs. 0.21 Rs. 2100 Rs. 105 Rs. 1995
25,000 Rs. 0.18 Rs. 4500 Rs. 225 Rs. 4275
50,000 Rs. 0.16 Rs. 8000 Rs. 400 Rs. 7600
75,000 Rs. 0.15 Rs. 11250 Rs. 563 Rs. 10688
1,00,000 Rs. 0.13 Rs. 13000 Rs. 650 Rs. 12350



Why do you choose our best transactional bulk SMS service?


Low price

You can simply make use of bulk SMS services at the low price because of it rapidly becoming the powerful tool in the marketing arsenal. We let you easily reach the people at lowest price with the high-quality and superior level of response.

Lifetime Validity, No Expiry

Dhwany technology offers to our customers a lifetime validity bulk SMS service, which has no expiry. Our customers can enjoy this service in the lifetime.

SMS scheduling

You don’t spend more time to engage in the control panel as well send the SMS. Once, you login and orders to messages bring themselves delivered at the right time along with a required date.

API support

Dhwany technology provides API support with transactional SMS services. Secure, Scalable & Powerful Bulk SMS APIs. Easily integrate any application and start sending SMS in minutes.  

NDNC undertaking

Transactional SMS services holders can pass the important information to their customers anytime 24x7 like send OTP, alert and booking etc. It can allow sending SMS to DND and NDNC numbers.

Dynamic sender ID

If you want to send promotional SMS to your customer along with your own sender ID, then you can choose our service. Through Dynamic sender ID service, you can create your 6 digit sender id.