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Custom CMS

Custom CMS

There are dozens and hundreds of open source content management system (CMS) which can be easily searched on the internet today. The main reason behind spending for a custom CMS is that you would be getting more facilities than you might be using. You would also be able to reinvent the wheel for all functions.

We here at Dhwanytechnology know that building high-performance websites be it for a commercial for informational purposes, require much more work than any kind of typical website. There are many custom applications who have a rich set of requirements for performance, responsiveness and Search Engine Optimisation. The amount of time spent on any other CMS companies would be higher and their product would be a sub-par product and would often take longer for building a website from scratch.

CMS plays a big part of any website success, so before thinking about your SEO strategy you must select a good CMS providing company. Some companies main create CMS with certain URL structures, offer different plugins and can be suitable for only one website but might not handle different types of websites.

The team of Dhwanytechnology offers much better performance, integration and extensibility than any other pre-packaged CMS provider could offer. The websites with CMS that we build are only specific to your business and would give you whole life customization that you would need to present your viewers with.

Custom CMS

Why should you hire us?

You may have security concerns and other corporate security failures that would shade off the shell platform and make them unacceptable. An example of this could be the security requirements that reduce the number of software allowances or the software tightening which is so severe that it would stop and slow down the ability of your platform to work efficiently. We know that the official pet farms are more prone to random attacks by bots, worms and other automated attackers. So we have designed a secure and an efficient custom CMS which would prevent you from this kind of attacks.

You may require advanced features. If you're planning on having or creating a website that might require advanced customizations in the future, you must evaluate and know whether you are pushing the limits of the CMS platform. You must ensure that the software that is the core of your website should be placed on the top of the CMS platform. Some future risks could be the inability to run a proper software update horror software update that might break the custom code. The team has developed a stronger and a better security measure which will provide you with better security updates, prevent you from the risks and would also warn if you are pushing or overloading the CMS platform.

You will get simply interfaces at cheaper prices so that you can design and efficiency. The best part of a custom CMS from the company is that the interference and the workflow that is being continued can be completely managed and controlled by you. If you are having a large team of editors or writers or you might have a large enterprise that requires updating by many at a time, you must choose an existing dashboard which is available and build your own CMS around that. This is something which most of the CMS developing companies won’t be issuing.

You would require legal ownership. In most of the Other companies whenever you are building a website with a custom CMS, you are not actually owning the software. But we give you legal access to the software and even if you are a Startup businessman you can bring the details about the licensing issues in future.